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Mirrors - The stories behind the songs

Hi Everyone!


Welcome to my first Blog post – feel free to make any comments you like. 


I woke up this morning with the mother of all headaches. Dragging myself out of bed I walked to the window, wondering how on earth I could crank myself up for the day.


As I drew back the blinds, I had a strange premonition that despite my malaise it was in fact going to be a good day.


The sun was just peeping over the horizon, casting a carpet of sparkling diamonds across the turquoise sea, like Paradise bubbling up from the deep. How could my headache survive such a blessing!


Normally my energy slumps towards zero in the mornings, from lingering symptoms of the chronic fatigue syndrome  that plagued me in the nineties and noughties, but today something was afoot in my soul.


I walked out on the patio for my morning cuddle with Galaxy and Mittens, my feline muses, the most vocal and tactile little beings you could ever imagine. Mittens is now a “stroke-aholic’ having survived PTSD from a traumatic kittenhood.

”Hey kitties whats up? Can you help me with my Blog?             ”Loud chorus of Miaows!

















The time is always now

I had been thinking about starting a Blog on my website for some time but have continually put it off until “the right time”.  Yet as I gazed out upon the expanding carpet of jewelled sunlight acrosss the water I thought:  “Who or what is going to determine the right time?” When is anything the “right time” except when we choose it to be?”


We have no idea if we have even one more moment to savour the miraculous gift of life beyond this one. I thought of all the people waking up today on our planet who have no idea that this day will be their last.

Today could be mine.


A line from my song “ Night Theme” from “Water Bearer” says- “ And you have just one moment more before the night takes you!  Don’t be afraid, there is nowhere you can fall but the power of the Earth will hold you. 


So I thought I would use my songs as a springboard for taking a journey through the years of my life and share with you some of the background stories that gave birth to the music and certainly my debut single “Mirrors” from 1978 has an unusual story to tell.

The song was in fact an “afterthought” to my debut album “Water-Bearer” released in the autumn of 1978 and was not included on the first vinyl pressing. My record company wanted a single to promote the album and suggested I go home for the weekend and try and come up with one.


It was September 1978 and I was staying at “The Beacon”, my brother Mike’s hilltop home in Kington Hereforshire and the first golden colours of autumn were beginning to glow on the distant Brecon hills  of Hergest Ridge.

I used to love long solitary drives (still do) and it turned out that the song was destined to be composed as a result of a random mood change just as I arrived at Membury service station on the M4 motorway on my way home from London.


The first draft was scribbled on a napkin and stuffed into my handbag.


This was the song that would change my life forever,although not in the way I could ever have foreseen;  I often marvel at the fact that so many major events in life are triggered by small random occurances.


The tiniest movement of a pebble can set a major landslide in motion, the slightest turn of the tiny ‘trim-tab” on the hull of an great ocean liner can change its course by hundreds of miles.



I had been feeling miserable that Autumn day, having just been let down by an expected phone call that never came and in fact started to cry with pent-up frustration.


I often use emotions to make sounds that express and release pent up feelings, (although not in anyone’s earshot!) and a sound-proof car is a great place for such creative therapy.


As I did so, tears of misery began to roll down my face until, out of the blue, as if by some magical alchemy, a strange Hawaiian- sounding chant began to emerge from my voice – “Kiele- Aloha!”.- which means both Hello and Goodbye in Hawaiian.


Slowly the emotion in my voice began to metamorphose into a feeling of optimism. I thought
“Hey! Maybe he will call later!”

I have never been to Hawaii and have no conscious connection to that beautiful island, but just the sound of the words created the joyful melody to go with it.


The chorus melody is based around one of the brass instrumental themes of “Water Bearer” and as soon as I got home I created a demo, playing glockenspiel, guitars and keyboards and it just made me want to dance in the firelight of that Autumn night.


The record company liked it and within a couple of weeks I was recording the master with only two other musicians – Herbie Flowers on double bass and Frank Ricotti
on percussion.


I produced it myself at the Roundhouse Studios in north London and within a few short weeks I was standing on the terrace of The Beacon gazing out over the morning mist on the hills when the phone rang: ‘Hey Sally! “ Mirrors” is Radio One’s Record of the Week!” 

By the way...  he DID call later that day when I arrived home after  that magical motorway drive!

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  • #1

    Gus Gleiter (Friday, 31 May 2019 16:18)

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story! Looking forward to more <3

  • #2

    Enrique pais (Friday, 31 May 2019 18:29)

    Me encanta tu musica

  • #3

    Patricia Chilla (Friday, 31 May 2019 19:08)

    What an amazing story! Thank you for sharing these memories with us!

  • #4

    Dagmar Strunz (Friday, 31 May 2019 19:27)

    Oh, that’s amazing to let us know about this precious moment and your feelings! Hearing and enjoying your pretty music for so many years and now to hear those valuable moments of your life is so wonderful!

  • #5

    Onofre (Saturday, 01 June 2019 20:06)

    A nice story.
    I was at Steve Hackett's cocert in Paris last monday. Beyond words. And I've always wanted to ask you if you could tell us something about your contribution in his song Shadow of the Hierophant, from Voyage of the Acolyte. It's one of my all time favourite (the vocal part) and I'd love to know some details of the session and your impression of Steve. And by the way... Did he mention liking Mike's music in those days? Thanks very much. Best wishes.

  • #6

    Oliver (Saturday, 01 June 2019 20:22)

    Dear Sally,

    I don't know if you remember this - but ten years ago we did an interview for the WDR in Cologne. At the end of our telephone conversation you wanted to know from me what your fans might be interested in. I answered: "Tell the stories behind the song." You were a bit reluctant then - but I am happy you finally do tell those stories. And as you can see: we all love it!

  • #7

    Sally (Sunday, 02 June 2019 01:31)

    Hi Onofre - yes I remember singing on Shadow of the Hierophant and to the best of my recollection it was recorded at Mike's studio in Gloucestor- Througham Slad. Steve and Mike knew each other at that time and that was how I came to sing on that lovely track - so they certainly liked each other's music.
    I had some time to practise the vocal part and Steve was great to work with - very patient and loved experimenting until he felt the music was right.
    I always thought it was a really nice track but never dreamed it would turn out as popular as it has! Best wishes to you, Sally x

  • #8

    Sally (Monday, 03 June 2019 02:39)

    Hi Oliver- thanks for the memory! Yes I remember the interview with you very well and you must have planted the seed of the idea that has finally taken root. I'm glad you like my first post and I look forward to wandering down memory lane to gather and share more stories.
    Wishing you all the best and give my love to Cologne! Sally xx

  • #9

    Onofre (Monday, 03 June 2019 21:03)

    Thank you very much for your answer. Lovely memories! A big hug-

  • #10

    Alison Arrowsmith (Wednesday, 05 June 2019 19:49)

    Dear Sally

    I've always admired your what I always thought were Haiwaiian words in 'Mirrors'. Am I right in thinking that you used Haiwaiian words in 'The Blessing', 'Flaming Star' and 'Ohureo' as well?

    I've always loved the sound of those words but I have never been able to learn those lovely Hawaiian words you sing in 'Autumn Prelude' and 'Maya'. I did try once, to write them down phonetically, but they looked absolutely terrible.

    I've always wanted to know what they are and It would be lovely if you could reproduce them in your blog. Would that be feasible by any chance, Sally?

    With lots of Best Wishes xx

  • #11

    Alison Arrowsmith (Thursday, 06 June 2019 19:20)

    Hi Sally

    I have a memory about ‘Water Bearer’. I looked out for any releases by you after seeing a mention of you in the credits of my ‘Incantations’ album, something like, courtesy of Bronze Records. I eventually found the single and bought the album on the strength of it in 1978. The album was a later copy with the single included. I was 20 at the time and my late father, who was born in 1917, admired your album very much. Needless to say, I have been a fan of yours ever since and over the years I have gathered a lovely collection of your music.

    A few months following that I was tuned into Personal Call on Radio 1 featuring your brother Mike and was delighted to discover that you were invited too. What a treat!

    Best wishes

  • #12

    Sally (Sunday, 09 June 2019 23:37)

    Hi Alison, Thanks for your message and your question about the lyrics of some of my songs. The answer is not so simple as the Hawaiian theme was only for Mirrors. I usually create the melody for my songs first,with snippets and fragments of lyrics that gradually come together like a magical jigsaw.
    Occasionally the intense mood of the melody refuses to meld with any English words at all and thats when I seem to hear an unknown language coming through which seems to express the perfect feeling for the song. Often the lyrics have a Celtic or Eastern flavour and my Irish mother was a gifted, spontaneous creator of highly entertaining limericks which she used to regale us with on long car journeys - often spiced up with strange and exotic words.
    As you may know I am a great fan of Tolkien who created the most beautiful Elven language of his own, although containing echoes of his erudite knowledge of ancient languages of the world. Maybe its to do with past lives or something! xx

  • #13

    Maximilian Hohmann (Tuesday, 11 June 2019 21:13)

    Dear Sally,

    thank you for sharing the story behind this song with us. And thank you even more for writing and composing that song - and the other ones - in the first place :-)

    I consider myself incredibly privileged because I could attend many wonderful concerts of talented artists (classical, pop and rock music) over the past fourty years. But one concert will allways stand out and that was your performance at the "Liederhalle" in Stuttgart in 1982. As far as I know your album "In Concert" was recorded during that performance - at least part of it. Many years later I was lucky enough to hear Anna Netrebko, one of the most talented singers of my generation, performing at the same place. She sang as good as a human being possibly can sing, but your performance was much more than that: Magical. Out of this world. I can not imagine that anyone present this evening will ever forget it. I sincerely hope you enjoyed this evening as much as we did!

    So I am looking forward to read more from you in this place. About your songs. About your performances. What they were like for you. Do you remember any? And why?

    Be assured, I am absolutely no crazy "fan boy" type of person. I live my own life, job, family, friends, horses, stars - but also music. I still have a framed photo that I took during your concert in Stuttgart 37 years ago (back then it was still allowed to walk to the stage and take photos). It was just so good.

    Thank you for everything!


  • #14

    Sally (Tuesday, 18 June 2019)

    Hi Maximilian- thanks for your message and recollections of my music and concerts over the years.I am glad to hear you are inspired and will be posting a new blog "story' very soon.
    Wishing you all the best for your life - Sally xx

  • #15

    An Italian follower (Friday, 30 August 2019 00:41)

    Dear Sally,

    I love your music, so lovely since your first Sallyangie's experiences. I have always thought that your words and melodies sound so pleasantly exotic: there is always something which goes further in your lyrics and music. Your music is so bright, lucent, shining. It seems like dressing light...

    There is a stunnig tune I still love incredibly: "Child of Allah".
    May you tell us about this wonderful song I never stop to listen to?
    What's its genesis and the significance you wanted to express?
    I know there's another version of it, published in 1972 as Sallyangie's single (Sweet Child Of Allah / Lady Go Lightly), so hard to find; it seems it was a tune you composed times before...

    Thanks a lot; I wish you all the best and I hope you could gift us other new wonderful music!

  • #16

    Craig (Saturday, 25 January 2020 19:54)

    Love this song ,and amazing to hear your story...I was young 13 and played this single over and over it was hypnotising then and still is now . Sally thanks for the music .it truly is part of so many of people's lives ,thank you xx

  • #17

    Alison (Tuesday, 17 March 2020 09:32)

    Talking about 'Mirrors', can you recall where the lovely image of you next to the waterfall was photographed? I've always been interested to know xx

  • #18

    Sally (Monday, 13 July 2020 18:04)

    Hi Alison - It was the Talybont waterfall in Wales - a beautiful and healing place. xx

  • #19

    Paul Fixter (Wednesday, 02 June 2021 14:18)

    Hi Sally, I discovered this song as late at the year 2020! I was born in 1978 in the year it came out. The discovery came about as I was listening to a series of Radio 1 Breakfast Shows from 1978/79 online, at my desk at work. Amongst the news and weather and traffic reports of the day they were playing songs from the time - Mirrors came on and I was immediately enchanted by it. A wonderful song that I quickly bought on iTunes and is a regular on my playlist. I have been listening to much more of your work - better late than never, and thank you!

  • #20

    Catherine Taylor (Saturday, 19 June 2021 23:51)

    Hi Sally, like Paul I have very recently discovered this song, when I was watching some 1970s Top Of The Pops episodes. It really got my attention, what a beautiful contrast to the punk, disco and 50s nostalgia of the time! I have played Mirrors many times in the past few weeks and it is often stuck in my head in a lovely way. The kiele aloha line is so enchanting. It has been a pleasure reading the story behind Mirrors and I will certainly investigate more of your music. All the best Sally!

  • #21

    Philip (Thursday, 24 June 2021 19:12)

    Dear Sally,

    Thank you for posting this fascinating insight into your creative world.

    Here in the UK (back in 1978), "Mirrors" was my first encounter with your distinctive music. On the strength of that song I purchased your first solo album "Water Bearer", which remains one of my all time favourite albums (and album covers; I must visit that waterfall one day!). Sadly for me, I somehow lost touch with your music in the mid-1980s, about the time when you relocated to Germany (where I have ancestral roots interestingly). Fast forward a couple decades later though, and thanks to the internet/YouTube, I was able to reconnect with a lot of your amazing back catalogue. Particular favourites from early trawls include "A Million Light Years Away From Home", "Silver Dagger", "Digging for Gold", "Earth Calling", "Song of the Mountain", "The Blessing", "Three Rings" and the sublime "No Heart."

    And the nice thing is that I am still finding songs by you that are new to me. I've recently added to my playlist "Andromeda Rising", "Ohureo", "Strangers in the Dawn" and "Summer of Love" - which I can't stop playing or singing in my head.

    Thank you for your outstanding contribution to music.

  • #22

    Anne Bellami (Monday, 19 July 2021 22:42)

    Dear Sally,

    Thank you so much for your music.
    As a child I got a copy on cassette listened all night with headphones on my walkman. I didn’t understand the lyrics back then but melodies imprinted and gave me peace at heart.
    Just today I remembered the long forgotten music. Found it on YouTube. Downloaded on iTunes. And for the first time of my life I understood the lyrics and celebrated my favourite songs, mirrors, water bearer, sun in my eyes, blue water, my damsel heart.
    I realised these songs had a huge impact on my hopelessly romantic interpretation of love and life :) thank you so much for that!
    I landed on this site because I tried find the meaning of the „not English“ parts of the lyrics.
    I wish you many more blessed years full of joy with your loved ones.
    Love, Anne

  • #23

    Christian (Wednesday, 08 December 2021 16:06)

    Dear Sally,
    I am happy to see another active website of yours. Although I must have heard Mirrors on the radio by the time it was released, I had no memory of it. Actually, your name and music popped up to me around the time when Silver Dagger was playing on radio repeatedly. It was also the time I started collecting records as a teenager. Well, 1987 wasn't a treat to me. We had no CD player yet and I had to suffer buying Mike's new album on tape (without bonus track as on CD). So to get the bonus track I bought the 12" Islands - needed to exchange it 4 times. Still no playback success. The "discs" were always shaped like a bowl with a ridge within (no existing emoji could represent my mood to that). Of couse in the "O" or "Oldfield" section there were not only Mike's works but also yours. So, apart from Femme, I opted for "Mirrors - The Most Beautiful Songs". What could go wrong with a kind of Best Of. Well ... the needle jumped through the first track without playing more than 10-20 seconds of it. Still I immedeately recognised that tune: Mirrors. Up till today I still ponder where from I might have known it from as no one in my family had a record of that. At least with this vinyl I needed only one exchange :). At christmas 87 we got a CD player and life changed for me.

    All the best from (still) locked-down Vienna, Austria,

  • #24

    Robin Laurel (Monday, 13 December 2021 01:58)

    Hi Sally,
    I had a copy of Waterbearer when it first came out. I loved listening over and over. The words and melodies made me travel places "down pathways of starlight that dazzle your sight."
    I was wondering what language it is in the song Waterbearer? A friend said it was probably Elven.
    All Best to You Always,
    Robin Laurel
    Boulder, Colorado USA

  • #25

    Hartwig (Tuesday, 28 December 2021 23:47)

    Dear Sally,

    I'm Hartwig from germany and I'm a big fan of you since the 70's, a fan of the first hour!
    I was a teenager then and your single "Mirrors" was the first record I bought and the beginning of my love to your music!
    More than 40 years later I have most of your albums in my record collection and your voice and your songs still have the power to move me and make me have "goose bumps" (in german "Gänsehaut")!
    Because of this I want to thank you for all your music and songs!
    It's a gift you gave to the world and to me.
    Wish you all the best.

    Regards Hartwig

  • #26

    Sally (Sunday, 20 February 2022 23:39)

    Hi Everyone!
    A big thank you for posting your messages - I am hoping to continue with the stories sometime soon and answer some of your questions- but for now I wish you good fortune, good health and inspiration in everything you do. xxx

  • #27

    Marc Glasser (Saturday, 09 July 2022 22:22)

    WATER BEARER has been among my favorite recordings since I discovered it in the early 1980s (a fellow fan of your brother Mike turned me on to it). But I recently heard your re-recording of "Song of the Healer" on the MYSTIQUE album, and thought it even more gorgeous than the earlier one.

    My only question: there are a few lyrics in the new recording that weren't in the old one nor on its lyric sheet. I think they begin "We are the sisters of the western sea...", but I can't quite make out what comes next. Might you be so kind as to fill me in?

    Stay well!

  • #28

    Adilson Alves dos Santos (Monday, 08 August 2022 00:52)

    Hello Sally. Kisses from Brazil!

  • #29

    Johanna Derenburger (Sunday, 04 September 2022 23:37)

    Hi I am a big fan of yours,I have one album flaming star i love it.When is your new album coming out. I will be your fan forever. Love johanna