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A unique voice that gave us songs, hits and classics like "Mirrors", "Mandala", "Morning Of My Life", "Silver Dagger", "Digging For Gold"  and many many more.


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Sally Oldfield is back. Heading into the future and ready for more. 


The journey started more than 40 years ago isn't over!




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Get to know the stories behind the songs. The inspiration, the emotion... and the work. Become an insider and a part of the story.


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The place where Sally Oldfield reveals the secrets of her life, her music and her path with a heart to find the healing force(s) of the universe.

Mystique - a new compilation of treasures

Available April 26th 2019

Sally is opening her box of musical treasures.

The new compilation of reworked and stunningly remastered tracks is available at your favourite download shop.


You Set My Gypsy Blood Free

The Blessing

Love Of A Lifetime

Warm Wind On The Wasteland

Song Of The Lamp


Song Of The Being

One To The Power Of One


Samurai Of The Sun

Water Bearer

Bird Of Paradise

Song Of The Healer (Live Version)

Sun In My Eyes (Live Version) 

Mirrors 2017


Now available:


The Enchanted Way


The NEW album


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